Nursing Junru Back to Health

When I met Junru three years ago on his first day in our Infant Nurture Program, he was 8 months […]

My Little Warrior

Let me introduce you to one of the strongest little girls I know. YuBing first came to the China Care […]

A Lesson in Patience

In the summer of 2013, a little girl named HaiXia arrived at our China Care Home. HaiXia won my heart […]

My Life Story

I came to this family when I was very young. I am lucky to have such a family which includes […]

Wenjie’s Recovery

When two and a half year old Wenje returned to the institution after having surgery for hydrocephalus (a buildup of […]

BoYuan: One of Thousands

This International Children’s Day, we’d like to share the story of one special child whose life has been transformed through […]

A Half the Sky Artist Finds A Family of Her Own

12-year-old LiTong has been part of Half the Sky’s family for so long that it was bittersweet news for our […]

MengWen’s Beautiful Smiles

17-month-old MengWen has been at our China Care Home for seven months recovering from surgery to correct anal atresia. When […]

An Extraordinary Child

This isn’t an ordinary story — I believe RuiDong (“DongDong”), who is now four years old, will grow up to […]

A Tough Little Girl Who Never Gives Up

8-year-old HuaMei is full of smiles, but that has not always been the case. Three years ago, during an outdoor […]