Anjing, Sunshine Girl-5

The day after Anjing’s reunion with her first nanny, she entered the institution’s preschool accompanied by her Chunhui China Care […]

Anjing, Sunshine Girl-4

After a year of recuperation from surgery, it was time for Anjing to leave our medical care home, Chunhui China […]

Anjing, Sunshine Girl-3

When Anjing traveled to Beijing three months after her second birthday for medical treatment, her doting OneSky nanny, Guo Yushao, […]

Anjing, Sunshine Girl-2

The Chunhui China Care Home (CCCH), a medical care home for orphaned children was established by OneSky in 2009 in […]

Anjing, Sunshine Girl-1

One humid June evening in a small-town hospital, in southern China, a girl came into the world. This was supposed […]