So what prompted this epic grin in locked down Mongolia?

It’s the smile the world needs right now – but what caused this look of delight?

Mongolia had so many challenges even before the pandemic arrived. What was once a largely nomadic population is slowly settling in the ger districts of the capital Ulaanbaatar, where 50 percent of the country’s population now lives.

Even in better times, children here can face a difficult start to life with parents forced to leave them home alone in order to work. Now families also have Covid-19 to contend with and that means lockdowns in limited space.

OneSky’s Family Center in Ulaanbaatar opened its doors last summer with the aim of providing migrant families with a safe play and educational space focused on child development. But the pandemic has meant we have had to adapt. However, despite the challenges, carers have reached out to local families online and even helped to supply food during the worst of the winter storms.

But it’s not been easy – so three-year-old Turmandakh could be forgiven for feeling a little sorry for himself.

So why the smile? Well, here’s the answer….

When a OneSky trainer made a video on how to create a truck and forwarded it to his mother – Turmandakh couldn’t wait to get started. And just look at what he made! He has every right to feel pleased with himself.

Community Relations Manager, Munkhtuya Badmaavanchin, added: “Slowly the vaccination numbers in Mongolia are creeping up and there is reason to be hopeful. But this has been a time where the vulnerable have suffered even more than usual. We have so many heroes that have helped support families through the worst of lockdown – this smile is for them!”

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