PIC GALLERY: “Our bravery is for the children, in return they give us hope.”

Today, OneSky’s Early Learning Center (ELC) in Da Nang, Vietnam reopens after two months closed during which the city took the brunt of a second wave of COVID-19 infections.

Strict pandemic precautions meant a city-wide lockdown including the closure of the ELC which cares for over 250 children of rural migrant parents working in the surrounding factory zone.

During the school closure, many parents have struggled with children at home. Some have had to lose much-need work shifts to care for their children in cramped one-room accommodation or send them hundreds of miles away to countryside relatives.

Now, finally all the children are returning, including 85 new starters, mostly little ones from six months old, experiencing their first day in preschool.

For the parents who have faced so much stress in this awful year – there is suddenly one less concern. Their children are now cared for by professional OneSky trained care-givers, happy, safe, loved and learning.

OneSky Vietnam’s Program Director Hien Vo shared her thoughts on this special day:

“Everywhere I look I see people being brave and strong. The parents, the teachers, the factory workers, everyone has done what was required to re-open and to make Da Nang safe again. Now the children start their school year and life is finally a little easier for their parents. We all hope that by the time this school year ends, the world is a happier place.

“At its heart, this amazing preschool is about hope. We give these children the best possible start because, whatever the situation, you cannot pause a young child’s development. And we hope that one day this investment will lead to an easier life for them and a better future for their families and our entire community. That’s what inspires us during tougher times.

“At times like this our bravery is for the children, and in return they give us hope.”

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“I’ve been a teacher for ten years – this was the most special day.”

“These teachers couldn’t open their classrooms, so they opened their hearts to the community instead.