#OneSkyHeroes – why I used my yoga gift to help children have a better future

New Jersey-based Yoga instructor Eve Adelson explains why her own experiences meant she wanted to help children born with nothing.

I adopted my daughter, Adley, from China when she was 8 months old. I too was adopted as a toddler. My parents always spoke about how loving families are built in many different ways.

I never forgot that important message. After the birth of our two biological children, my husband and I began the paperwork to adopt.

During our long six-year wait to adopt Adley from China, I researched the country’s rich history, culture and the work OneSky does for orphaned and vulnerable children. The more I researched, the more I understood the urgent need for the life-changing work OneSky Founder and CEO Jenny Bowen and her team were doing to care for institutionalized children throughout China.

Children born with nothing can still hope for better future lives, if they have early access to loving, nurturing care.
Today, Adley is nine years old, and I am a yoga instructor in New Jersey. This year, to honor World Adoption Month, I lead a donation-based class to benefit One Sky. All proceeds from the workshop were donated to OneSky.

During this special class, I shared my own experience being adopted, my experience adopting my daughter – and the ultimate yogic act of OneSky seeing the potential in each and every child they serve.

I hope to hold more donation-based yoga classes in the future. Donations will continue to go directly to support OneSky’s life-changing work for children.