My Life Story

I came to this family when I was very young.

I am lucky to have such a family which includes my friends and teachers.

I have two friends coming from Sweden, they are Birgitta and Kerstin. They are like my family and coming to visit me every year. I met them in 1999. At that time I had no wheel chairs but could only “walk” by hands. After a period of time, my back was distorted just like I was carrying a pot. My condition was getting worse.

In 2005, Birgitta and Kerstin began to search doctors helping me do the surgery. I flew to Sweden and had my first surgery and everything went well. I was recovered soon.

The surgery lasted for 12 hours but I felt like having a sound sleep. When I woke up, I felt myself falling into pieces… I will never forget that day, June 1, 2013, the turning point of my life.

I came back to China in August. And I was finally able to go to school like normal children. I entered Youth Service Program of Half the Sky and began to learn to play the guitar. Music always makes me feel comfortable and quiet. Beautiful tones and rhymes are full of my life. I become confident, positive and strong.

I’m 23 years old now. I still have hopes and dreams for my life. I want to pass the love to others forever. One thing I understand is to be grateful to those who help me.