Meet the Future — Nhi!

Nhi’s mother, Hang, has good reason to worry about her little daughter. Vietnam’s’ nightly news reports horror stories of abuse and neglect of migrant workers’ children in fly-by-night daycare centers popping up across the country’s many factory zones. We know from experience that the care providers aren’t evil; most abusers are  simply ignorant and untrained.

How we wish that all migrant children like Nhi* could spend their days safe and loved in places like OneSky’s Early Learning Center in Da Nang! And we know the government wants that too. But it cannot happen overnight.

Still there is some good news for Hang and Nhi….
Just a few months after our Da Nang center opened, OneSky’s Vietnamese training team began training local home-based care providers how to work with vulnerable children using OneSky’s proven approach. The response has been overwhelmingly positive!

And now, Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training has invited OneSky to train in almost 200 industrial zones across the nation! It’s a massive undertaking but with the help of government and our supporters, we will find a way.

All children belong in loving families. We have seen the damage done to those abandoned and left behind. OneSky will do what it can to keep fragile families like Hang and Nhi’s together.

Little Nhi, like all children, deserves the future of her dreams.

With love and thanks,


*To protect the privacy of the children we serve, when we tell their stories, OneSky uses pseudonyms.

The Facts About Babies

  • At birth, a baby’s brain contains 86 billion neurons, as many nerve cells as there are stars in the Milky Way. [1]
  • 60% of a baby’s energy goes into brain development. [2]
  • The brain doubles in size in the first year, and by age three it has reached 80 percent of its adult volume. [3]
  • Different stimuli and tasks – hearing a lullaby, reaching for a toy, seeing mama smile – help establish different neural networks. [4]
  • Without stimulation – no touch, no smiles, no laughter – idle brain circuits die and connections are severed. It’s called synaptic pruning. [5]

The OneSky Approach

Little Kids … The Best Investment You Can Make