Love and Care: Another Form of Rehabilitation

Imagine a child with cerebral palsy, a child with high muscle tone and limbs so stiff he can barely bend them.

Imagine his vacant eyes and his reluctance to play games. This child is silent, he doesn’t utter a word.

That was HuaHua when he first entered our Half the Sky program.

HuaHua is eight years old now and in his four years in our Little Sisters Preschool, he has come out of his shell. He can now express himself by describing what he sees, hears, touches and smells, he can express his needs, and he is more social. He waves goodbye when people leave and he is very helpful with the other children. He also loves to join others during playtime now. He is a happy and healthy child.

One can’t help but ask… what happened? What is Half the Sky’s magic?

Here is the secret. Half the Sky is equipped with a special team of professionals who together, form the Special Needs Program. This team is committed to helping children with special needs and providing assistance to them.

But there is a second secret. Orphaned children with special needs who receive proper care and professional rehabilitation can flourish, but children enrolled in Half the Sky’s program receive even more. They receive nurturing care from trained nannies, teachers and foster parents. They get the opportunity to interact with adults and children. Even without rehabilitation, this affection and the bonds that result from them can trigger a child to improve.

Attachment and affection are important elements in making a person into who they are and HuaHua is a wonderful example of this for us!