Why OneSky?

I started Half the Sky because I thought I saw a simple solution to the devastating consequences of children living […]

For Each, A Beautiful Childhood

Over many years of getting to know the extraordinary women who are most responsible for the transformations we see in […]

Lost & Found—Juanjuan’s Miracle

In early 2014, OneSky brought its model for transforming orphan care in institutions to the children of Huazhou. Even before […]

Anjing, Sunshine Girl-2

The Chunhui China Care Home (CCCH), a medical care home for orphaned children was established by OneSky in 2009 in […]

Children of the Villages – 3

Right after Chinese New Year, OneSky was at work in 30 more out-of-the-way, left-behind villages, launching programs for infants, preschoolers, […]

Yutong, the Artist-3

Right after Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), some of our Beijing team paid a special visit to a few of […]

Anjing, Sunshine Girl-1

One humid June evening in a small-town hospital, in southern China, a girl came into the world. This was supposed […]